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Confessions of a "reel monkey" - turned millionaire.

I started out my Vegas career as what they call a "reel monkey". I was the guy the casinos called to fix and set the payoffs for their slots and poker machines. (Did you catch that "set the payoffs" part?)

I eventually moved up to become Slot Manager for one of the biggest casinos in the world. But I quit when I realized I could make WAY MORE MONEY, WAY MORE EASILY playing slots instead of managing them.

Hereís the bottom line:

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Zero-in on the 2.7% of machines programmed to explode with huge jackpots like a laser-guided money missile.

Hereís a fact you need to know: 97% of all slots and video poker machines are money pits. Theyíre programmed to rob you blind. Remember, I know. Iím the one who used to program them!

But hereís the good news: To legally justify their payoff claims, casinos have to set about 3% of their machines to be big winners!

Of course, for most people those are still horrible odds. But hereís the secret that can make you rich and change your life ...

Every machine gives off certain, unmistakable "signals" when it is programmed to release big payouts. And I am one of the few people in the world who knows what they are.

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The machines are programmed -- they have no choice but to spew cash.
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Whether they use "reels" or the new "video" displays, all slot and poker machines are just that: machines. They have to do things the way they are programmed.

Even todayís computerized machines still need to follow a procedure and pattern that sends a signal to the machineís "brain" to tell it to prepare to release a big jackpot.

Now imagine how rich you could be if you knew those signals.

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My "Win Every Time at Slots & Video Poker System" is so easy ANYONE can use it. Thereís NEVER any guess-work, NEVER any luck, and NEVER any math or formulas. Just lots and lots of wins for you!

And you donít need hardly any money to rake in huge winnings. I usually recommend taking about $20 to the casino. Thatís it.

Any time you need extra cash for anything you just walk into any casino anywhere in the world and in about 3 minutes you can start stuffing your pockets with cash from the machines programmed to make you rich.

Winning always feels good. But trust me, it feels REALLY great to know youíre finally taking money FROM the casinos and thereís not a thing the can do about it.

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    CAUTION:  How Many of These Common Slot Mistakes Are
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    Make no mistake: casinos get filthy, stinking rich off of slots and video poker players.

    You will NEVER consistently win if you pick and play slots the way 99.9% of people do with ideas like these ...

    q You think machines with certain brands or characters will pay ...

    q You think machines located near doors and aisles will pay more ...

    q You think a machine that paid you well before will do it again ...

    q You think if you keep putting money in, eventually youíll hit ...

    Not ONE of these methods will make you a winner. Other than stumbling on to a "hot" machine out of pure luck, youíll lose every time.

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